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Established in 1996. With Deva, Curly Hair Is Not A Trend…It’s A Lifestyle! With the support of thousands of enthusiastic curly hair clients, Lorraine Massey, author of Curly Girl (the definitive Curly Girl handbook) and a talented team of partners and salon professionals, created the Devachan Salons along with a complete collection of Deva products for a healthy, Shiny, manageable, frizz-free curly lifestyle.

Whether you hair is curly,wavy or chemically dehydrated, our professional staff will help you discover the best approach to beautiful healthy hair and help you select the best Deva products for your specific curl type. At Devachan, our dedicated staff of designers offer the very best in the acclaimed Deva cutting, coloring cleansing and styling services.

560 Broadway
Lower Level
(between Prince St & Spring St)
New York, NY 10012
Neighborhood: Financial District

(212) 274-8686


Danielle B. from Oakland, CA says:

Yeah baby, they know curly hair. I first had my hair cut here almost 4 years ago, and it was the absolute best hair cut I had ever gotten. I thought I knew how to take care of my curls before then, but I actually didn’t have a damn clue!salon_group1

Then, I moved to San Francisco, where many claim to know how to cut curly hair, but most fall short; clearly, there aren’t enough pizzabagels with Jewfro’s like me in my city. I eventually found someone I really liked, but he had to go move to San Diego, leaving me in the dust. I tried a new chick in SF, but she did not live up to my expectations.

Well, thank goodness I still have many family and friends to visit on the East Coast. Double thank goodness for being able to get a last minute appointment for a haircut at Devachan. I got Sophie, one of the lower-priced senior stylists. I had returned to the heaven that is Devachan. Walking in, the welcoming aroma of the DevaCurl products hit me. . .aaaaaahhhhh. My stylist was fabulous. Now, I knew that my last haircut in SF wasn’t good, but I really had no idea just how bad it was. Luckily, Sophie was there to tell me how the SF chick totally f*ed up my hair. Sophie to the rescue!!! She transformed my hair back to its Deva status. And, she left me with length. Then there was the hair washing–lying down on the black velvet chair with the mosquito net surrounding you, scalp massage done with care by my washer chick. Finally, off to the dryers. . .awesome-looking curls! I was party ready right out of the salon. To top it all off, Sophie is also a cool chick to chat with while she’s working wonders on your hair.

So, if you have curly hair and live in the NYC area, your only excuse for not going here is the fear that you will never find another place that will live up to Devachan. This is the curly girl’s Mecca!



Zenovia E. from Brooklyn, NY says:

I had just spent two weeks volunteering in the bush in Kenya, where I slept in a tent. I wanted to treat myself and I’m glad I did.

I have naturally curly/kinky hair that I usually flat iron straight. I am going to do that less, so I decided to go to the pros to get a decent curly cut.

The $100 starting price that I was quoted over the phone for a cut scared me. The receptionist was talking to a woman who has been doing her own hair since middle school and who can count the number of times she’s been to a hair salon on two hands. But I decided to keep my appointment.

When I walked in, I was promptly greeted and offered water, tea or juice and was told to go change into a champagne-colored robe.

I was seen very close to my appointment time. Helik was my stylist; a short, impeccably dressed (presumably Latin) man who really knows his sh*t.

I was in and out in two hours — and I’m black!! Virtually unheard of. And I didn’t regret going, unlike some other experiences I’ve had in this city.

They did try to sell me on some products — somewhat annoyingly, but not overly aggressive — and I went ahead and purchased one. But I didn’t feel bad doing it. I walked out of there beaming, knowing that I can rock my hair in its natural state and look damn good.

They’re not even the most expensive out of specialty/high-end NYC salons, but I do understand that they really don’t do a lot of “styling.” They just work with what you have.

I paid less than $200, including a conditioner I purchased, and I’m OK with that because I rarely go to a hair salon. If I did, I’d have a problem with their prices.

Gracie B from Jersey City, NJ says:

Do you have curly hair? Have you fallen out of love with (or never really loved) your curly hair? Do you want to go “natural” but don’t know how to easily work with your hair so that you look professional and put together? Come here. It’s life changing.salon_group2

I have to be honest. I’d had a DevaCut before. And I’m guessing, any salon/stylist who takes giving a DevaCut seriously is going to give you great, hair-loving, life-changing results. But they take it a little further here.

So I went to MaduSalon in San Francisco for my first DevaCut in January. And it took my decent fro with OK curls to another level (seriously – even my office nemesis had to say that my hair looked good). So I knew what I was in for when I went to DevaChan. Making an appointment was easy – I requested one online, and even though the system requested 2 weeks before the date, I was scheduled with Halec (I think…) on Saturday afternoon. There was some confusion, and I waited a bit before he started, but it was okay. We talked through what I normally did with my hair – products, style, etc. He showed me some ways to get my curls to stretch a bit and gave the fro some shape. Then Crystal gave me a great wash and condition, set it under the dryer and Halec finished up the style.

It’s a 2 hour (or more) process (and not cheap) that’s so worth it. They really bring out the best in your curly hair.

Devachan’s Hair Services

Devachan’s thoroughly trained staff of hair professionals and hydration specialists offer a range of services that nurture clients’ senses and spirit as well as their hair. Our expert staff trains each client in the fundamentals of daily hair care and styling, encouraging and supporting them to embrace and enjoy the authentic quality of their hair every day. Two of the many trademarks for which the experts at Devachan are best known is their highly-acclaimed Deva cutting technique as well as their award-winning hair painting technique, Pintura. The visual impact of these artistic expressions is a three-dimensional work of art.

Deva Cutting:

The Deva Cutting technique is Devachan’s revolutionary method for cutting curly hair. The hair is cut dry, simply because we wear our hair dry not wet. We cut the hair in its natural form, curl by curl. Since curly hair and it’s spring factor can be misinterpreted while wet. This unique innovation allows the stylist to sculpt each client’s hair, according to their individual curl, look, and style. Along self curl care lesson to take you beyond the salon.


Devachan’s patented, award-winning hair painting technique, both unique and innovative, was designed to replace conventional highlighting. This method captures and defines the movement and dynamism of each curl, allowing the colorist the freedom to trust their own artistic eye, creating the perfect harmony and balance between tone and shape, light and shadow.


  • Women’s Design Cut
  • Men’s Design Cut
  • Child Cut



  • Single process color
  • Pintura – A revolutionary highlighting technique that replaces conventional foiling
  • Pintura, Full Head
  • Pintura, Top Lites
  • Pintura on Tips of Hair
  • Escape Root


  • Consultation (Complimentary)
  • Blowdry / Style
  • Conditioning Treatment
  • DevaCurl Set
  • Updos (for Wedlocks cannot book appt. w/o consultation)
  • Extensions (Cannot book appt. w/o consultation)
  • Perm (Cannot book appt. w/o consultation)






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