5 Ways to Fight Off Dry, Winter Hair

Spring is just around the corner, and even if you change your wardrobe to help jump into the season, people will notice if you’re being held back in Winter. All they have to do is look at your hair. Winter brings out the driest aspects of our hair, and if we don’t act now, we will never make it to Spring.

Deep Conditioning

Sometimes it is not enough to just condition your hair. Going through and deep conditioning or even a leave-in conditioner, can add much more moisture to your roots and ends that the harsh Winter season takes away. Deep conditioning will coat your hair, as well as penetrate it, with nutrients and oils that will give back its softness and elasticity.

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Credit: stawberricurls.com


If you’re not deep conditioning, then adding a moisturizer to your daily regiment would be a great idea. When considering choosing your moisturizer, it is very important to choose one that contains water, such as coconut oil. If you choose one that is purely oil, then the agents in said moisturizer will nourish the hair but only replace the lipids lost and seal in the moisture that is already there. It will not further moisturize your hair.


Style Wisely 

Considering Winter brings a lot of cold, dry weather, it is important not to have your hair up too much, in the concern that it may break off in the cold. Instead, you can turn to gels or any product that will hold your hair. Run it through your hair from root to end, and opt to wear your hair down. And make sure that before you step out into the cold, your hair is dry.

Credit: strawberricurls.com

Credit: strawberricurls.com

Cover It Up 

Once you’re outside, your hair is now standing face to face with the battle to maintain its elasticity, softness and moisture. If you choose to throw a hood or satin-lined hat on, no one would blame you. In fact, your hair will thank you for it!


If there is anything to get from this article it is to moisturize your hair. But this time, you can opt a moisturizing agent and go with a humidifier. Turn it on before bed and let your hair soak up what it lost from a long day’s work.

Following just one of these remedies will help restore moisture into your hair and will prepare you for Spring! Keep it natural, ladies !

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