3 Ways to Avoid Hair Damage

Credit: xovain.com

Credit: xovain.com

Obviously the predominate way to avoid damaging your hair is to avoid contact with heat and relaxer treatments. But even if you make the preemptive move and decide to go natural, the threat of hair damage is always just around the bend. Some of the main ways you can damage your natural hair is by over-braiding it, over washing, neglecting to cut it, and wearing it up. But wearing certain things to bed or brushing your hair too much can also cause hair damage.

Over-Braiding and Manipulation

The act of braiding hair alone is not bad. It definitely helps with getting up and moving in the morning and also helps promote hair growth. However if you braid your hair too often, you will find that your hair will begin to break off. Likewise, brushing and combing your hair is good to an extent. But with all good things, it is best if taken in small doses. People with particularly fragile hair will find that brushing and styling is their main source of hair damage. The trick is to style your hair in a way that can last up to 2 weeks, without needing to be done again.

Nighttime Threats 

It may sound crazy, but your hair is even at risk of damage while you sleep. Certain pillowcases can cause breakage just as wearing your hair to one side while you sleep can. You see, if you are like most people and use a cotton pillowcase, the fabric can absorb all the moisture from your hair. Also, if you are guilty of pulling all of your hair to one side while you sleep, the side that your hair is not on can become broken and much shorter in length than the other side. Lastly, be aware that your hair can get caught in all jewelry, so it is best to wear none to bed.

Over-moisturizing and Over-styling 

No one likes dirty hair, thats a given. But washing your hair daily is also not the route to take. Your hair simply needs its natural oils, and the more you wash you hair the more you deprive your hair of its much needed nutrients. Also, if the first thing you do when you come out of the shower is brush your hair, then STOP! Go ahead and add a detangler or a lotion to your hair and let your hair soak up its moisturizing agent. Then, towel dry your hair and wait to brush it. This will lessen the amount of damage done to your hair. Lastly, embrace the idea of wearing your hair down more often. The more you put it up, the more damage it can cause!

Keep it natural, ladies!


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