RegenePure: For Damaged Hair

Just a few days back we looked at some of the causes and prevention methods of damaged hair. But what if its too late for you? If you’re already dealing with damaged hair, then turn to RegenePure.





RegenePure is a shampoo that does what most will do, and some. RegenePure not only washes and conditions your hair, but does so without leaving behind films and drying alcohols. What’s even better is that RegenePure uses only pure ingredients, and does not use any animal by-products, synthetic fragrances or any other harmful chemical!




The RegenePure Cleaning System is a two-piece set. The first focuses on alleviating dandruff, and really getting in there to clean the scalp. The second is the nourishing treatment, which is meant to clean and condition your scalp and hair, without acting as a sealant, keeping it thick and healthy.

“I have been using RegenePure NT for over a month now, and the difference in my hair is incredible. I dye my hair regularly, and often change it from blonde to black, red to brown…and keep it tied up often. It is also long and weak, so when I brush it, it tangles easily. Basically, I treat my hair in the worst possible way…Since using RegenePure NT, I have noticed my hair is much stronger, and my scalp is super-duper clean. I didn’t think I had much build-up, but once your scalp is clean you realize how bad it really was!”

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