3 Simple Steps For Longer Hair In A Year

You’ve been working on getting your hair longer, right? You deep condition, you trim, you keep it natural…BUT NOTHING WORKS! But if you follow these steps, some physical and some not, then your hair will definitely reach a substantial amount of growth in just one year.

Credit: blackgirllonghair.com

Credit: blackgirllonghair.com

Come to terms that your current routine is not working

One of the first issues to elongating your hair is that your are probably dead set on the belief that you are doing everything right. Whether you are or aren’t, obviously something isn’t working. And when something doesn’t work? It’s best to switch up the routine! If you’ve been following a certain routine to increase your hair length and within 3 months you’ve failed to see any improvement, then you absolutely have to try something new.

Recognize the symptoms

You know when you have a cold because you’re aware of the signs; stuffy nose, sore throat, a cough. If you’ve never experienced a cold or if you didn’t know that these symptoms were associated with a cold, then you wouldn’t know you were sick. The same principle applies to hair care. If you aren’t aware that your hair is broken, has split ends or is damaged in any way, then how are you going to be able to treat it? Your hair is highly susceptible to breakage during the takedown of a hairstyle, detangling (both dry and wet) and while wearing your hair down, due to handling and knotting.

Take action 

Now that you’ve become more aware of the possible reasons as to why your hair is not growing, it is time to move into action. The very first step? Try something new. If you have been combing your hair with leave-in conditioner, start trying to detangle your hair when its either dry or damp, and vice versa (Stay away from combing your hair when it is so