4 Tips for Surviving Your First Year Natural

Credit: Delux-Mag

Credit: Delux-Mag

Some naturals find it very difficult to make it to there one year napaversary.  Here a few tips that can help you regain your composure and keep growing natural.

Love it and it will grow

Your hair, is yours. Love it. Take care of it. Find time to deep condition it, moisturize it and seal in that moisture. Give your hair it’s necessary TLC and you will reap the benefits. Hair that is very well taken care of, tends to be more manageable, softer and healthier. Protective styling also helps, by giving your lovely tresses a break.

Stop obsessing over the length



Some naturals would inject themselves with a hair growth hormone if they could. Lol and it’s sad. They rush their hair trying  everything from vitamins to the inversion method to grow their hair faster than normal.  Some focus too much on length that they refuse to let go of scraggly, split I ends in order to keep their length. But healthy hair should be the goal. And not the length of your hair. Yes, everyone, including myself, has a hair goal, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to neglect my hair in order to have bra strap length hair faster than normal. Split ends can cause way more damage the higher up the hair shaft it gets.

Healthy hair should be your main focus

This has to be it’s OWN focus. Focus on growing out healthy coils, kinks or curls. Make sure that your hair is being taken care of. Whether it’s the LOC method or your own hair concoctions. Nurse your hair back to health. Worry about how it’s retaining moisture and how well your scalp is healing.

Don’t covet your neighbor’s curls

The hair that grows out of your hair is yours. Love your curls. Don’t wish for or dwell on someone else’s curls. Love what you have!! I can’t stress that enough. Be happy with your kinks, coils or curls.  And take care of it.

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