Natural Hair Icon – Alexarae Jeanbart / @alexaraaeee (3C / 4A)


Full Name: Alexarae Jeanbart
Instagram: @alexaraaeee

Tell us about yourself:
My name is Alexarae. I am Haitian, Japanese, and Filipino. I’m a writer, I lift weights and I have a passion for helping others, and I do so in any way I can. I went natural a year and a half ago and did the big chop from my relaxed hair. So I’m somewhat a new naturalista on a hair journey to inspire others!

About Your Hair

Natural Hair Type: 3C, 4A

How long have you been natural? And why?
I did the big chop because my hair was so damaged from being relaxed every month! It was hard for me to do because I had a hard time loving my hair the way it is until I figured out how to manage it. I have been natural for a year and a half now and by faithfully using all natural products, I see the results in positive hair growth!:)

Describe you hair.
What I love most about my hair NOW, is the curl pattern. Doing deep conditioner treatments on it each week or when my hair is feeling dry makes it so when I wash it out my curls become defined more and more. I love it when my curls clump together! A problem area for me is my crown area, because I sleep on my back and i don’t pineapple my hair I just lay on it, I have to be careful to put extra detangler on it in the mornings when I wake up and style my hair so it doesn’t break or damage.

Alexarae Jeanbart / @alexaraaeee

What is your hair goal?
My hair goal which I am determined and positive I will reach, is to have my curly hair be below bra strap length without being stretched in four to five years. I know I will achieve this because it’s only been a year and a half and I went from above my ears to below my shoulders.

Favorite Hair Styles: Wash and go

Hair Care

What is your current hair regimen?
I wash my hair once every two weeks. I condition/cowash it once a week. My favorite products to use out the shower is retread by lush, then I wash it out, apply KKNT leave in detangler in sections, then unrefined coconut oil, then finish off the ends with As I Am’s double butter cream. I have found that using the LOC method has worked best for me!

Alexarae Jeanbart / @alexaraaeee

How do you maintain your hair at night?
I sleep on a satin pillow case and sometimes I oil the ends of my hair if I’ve been outside for the day so that it keeps moisturizer

How do you maintain healthy length?
I only do the search and destroy method. Though tedious, I do it on Sundays when I have nothing to do but relax, and now I find it rather soothing!

Hair Journey

How did family and friends react to your decision to go natural?
My family and friends were shocked but they wished me the best of luck! Once I turned 13 I always had my hair relaxed so everyone forgot how big my hair could actually get until I went natural! I got and still get a lot from people that I don’t look like the same person. At first. It offended me and I felt like I was never going to feel as pretty as I did with my hair straight, but with time and patience I now love my hair curly more than it being straight and I’m never turning back! I honestly never thought I’d see the day, but I am so glad it came. Thank you Lord!


What has been the most memorable part of your journey?
The most memorable part of my journey I would have to say is all the encouragement I began to receive from random strangers about how beautiful my natural hair is. I never got compliments from random people before and now not a day goes by when I’m in the city that at least one person compliments my hair. It’s a really nice feeling to love the skin you are in. Every time i see a little girl with curly hair I encourage and compliment her. Had I known the beauty in curly hair before I turned 13, I would of stayed natural. But I’m surrounded by people who are predominately white and I figured straight hair blended me in better. I’ve realized I stick out but I’m 100% okay with it now. “Love the skin you’re in” is one hell of a quote. I’ll never forget how I felt the first couple months I went curly. It was rough. But it was worth it.


Any inspirational words for the readers?
When you feel like giving up, don’t. Curly hair takes time. Give yourself lots of time when you are doing it, it isn’t something that should be rushed, especially starting out. You will have trial and error with products and that’s natural. Read the labels and go for something you feel best suites you. There is a way for every curly person you just have to find it! And when you find something that works, STICK TO IT. Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. Do what your hair loves and you’ll see promising results that will make your hair journey all worth it. ❤️

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