It seems so weird to write this now, after blogging for nearly 2 years straight. Oh well, here goes. I'm Christina Patrice, but I go by many names - Christina, Tina P, Chrissy, Chris, and some people call me Mane Objective in real life. I'm a 28 year old Angeleno; born and raised. I love my city, hate the traffic, adore the beach, loathe the air quality, and love the weather. I graduated from UCLA in 2008, with degrees in Political Science and African American Studies. By day, I'm the Director of a nonprofit program at UCLA. By night, I'm, well... The Mane Objective.

How to Transition to Natural Hair 101


From our friends at┬á What is Transitioning? In the natural hair community, there are two streams of thought when it comes to “going natural” – the big chop, and transitioning. I’m sure you already know about the big chop, which involves lopping off all of your hair into a short cut and growing it out. […]