My first memories of hair styling are of me cutting and curling my dolls’ hair. My mother was not too thrilled about me essentially ruining these toys she’d spent her hard-earned money to buy for me, but she let me do it, and I’m so glad she did. I was always interested in how I could manipulate hair to create new looks. I used to go to my cousin’s shop and watch her and the other stylists give relaxers, do roller sets and cut and color hair. I would then go home and try to emulate what I’d seen.

I began doing my own hair in fifth grade. My first experiments with styling were cutting my own bangs and figuring out how to do a perfect “Shirley Temple” spiral curl. Throughout high school, friends would “make appointments” to have their hair done in my grandmother’s basement, which at the time had a fully functioning hair salon for my aunt (it sort of runs in the family). In college I did hair for friends before big events and parties in my dorm room and apartment in Columbia, MO (Go Tigers!). Today, I still care for and style my own hair and several friends and family members.

My hope, with Mo Knows Hair, is that I can be a resource to those looking for hair care help and styling inspiration. I’ve had my hands in many types of hair over the years, and have learned lots about styling and hair care that I want to share with you all!

How I Achieve My Wash-N-Go by MoKnowsHair

How I Achieve My Wash-N-Go

The wash-n-go is my favorite go-to style because it’s easy, lasts for days, and takes little to no maintenance. It took me a while to figure out the right product mix and drying method for my hair, but I finally came up with a way to wash-n-go that gives me beautiful results every time!