I'm Vickie Sallie. I decided to begin transitioning as a last option, but it's become a major part of my life. I started Tresses and Treats to share information that I had trouble finding in the beginning of my journey. Any advice that I can give, I'm more than happy to share!

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Big Chop vs Transitioning: Which One’s Right for You?

Big Chop vs Transitioning

I can officially write a post like this with an unbiased opinion, I transitioned for a year and 3 months and I have just big chopped! Yaay! Deciding to start a natural hair journey can be scary- really scary. You know that embarking on a hair journey will mean cutting off relaxed or damaged ends, […]

Is Long Term Transitioning for You?

Credit: @Shinestruck

Every hair journey is a commitment. Whatever your hair goals are, they play a part in what kind of hair journey you choose to embark on. When I made the decision to return back to my natural hair from a relaxer, I had two options: big chop or transition. Transitioning means growing out your natural […]

DIY: Easy Way to Make a Turban (Tutorial)

Turban Pictorial FINISHED

Turbans are dope! I wish that I was better at styling them on my head. They make great accessories and they also cover up bad hair days. I wanted to share this quick pictorial that I created to show how to tie a turban in less than 5 minutes. The scarf I purchased a while […]

How to Maintain Box Braids and Senegalese Twists

Box Braids and Senegalese Twists

To be honest, I love protective styling. I hate dealing with the two different textures in my transitioning hair sometimes, and protective styles help me blend them while keeping my hands out of my hair. When I was a kid though, I literally had no idea how to keep my braids looking fresh. They would […]

4 Protective Styles for the Winter

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 12.56.15 PM

Since I’ve started my natural hair journey, I’ve noticed that I never really wear my ends out. I don’t like looking at the difference between my natural roots and my relaxed ends. I’ve also been too lazy lately to blend the two with styles like twist outs and braid outs (I haven’t mastered them yet!). […]