5 Ways to Fight Off Dry, Winter Hair


Spring is just around the corner, and even if you change your wardrobe to help jump into the season, people will notice if you’re being held back in Winter. All they have to do is look at your hair. Winter brings out the driest aspects of our hair, and if we don’t act now, we […]

What’s Your Hair Type


In today’s day and age, it seems like more and more people are pressing, straightening and relaxing their hair to get it to be as straight as a pine-needle! And although we should embrace our natrually curly hair, far too many people aren’t even aware of their own hair type! So, here is a cheat-sheet […]

3 Ways to Avoid Hair Damage

Credit: xovain.com

Obviously the predominate way to avoid damaging your hair is to avoid contact with heat and relaxer treatments. But even if you make the preemptive move and decide to go natural, the threat of hair damage is always just around the bend. Some of the main ways you can damage your natural hair is by over-braiding […]

Tips for Healthy Hair Growth & Length Retention

Tips for Healthy Hair Growth & Length Retention

Hey! In this video I will be discussing what helped me grow my natural hair and length retention. Low manipulation, stretching my hair, low heat, moisturizing, and patience are I think the top keys for my natural hair growth and natural hair care. This video also describes what I’ve been doing with my hair in […]

How to Transition to Natural Hair 101


From our friends at ManeObjective.com: What is Transitioning? In the natural hair community, there are two streams of thought when it comes to “going natural” – the big chop, and transitioning. I’m sure you already know about the big chop, which involves lopping off all of your hair into a short cut and growing it out. […]

7 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

Q5 High Bun

by Tiffany Nicole of  LoveEmbraceInspire.com Many women struggle with the decision to take the leap into returning to natural hair. Lots of us have never really seen our natural hair because we were introduced to relaxers at a very young age. Within the last few years, I’ve seen many women that are coming together and embracing […]

How to Tell if Your Conditioner is Effective


As I type this article, I am pretty certain there are quite a number of you who are looking for the perfect hair conditioner. To be clear, I am referring to moisturizing conditioners used after shampooing hair. Protein treatments or oil-based pre-wash conditioners are not included here. There are four tangible benefits that a good moisturizing conditioner should […]