how to mantain my box braids at night ?

Hello there !
I’m Nádia, 15 and guinean. I have a natural beautiful hair that i damaged a few years ago when i got in my head that straight hair is better than curly awesome hair. I’ll regret it eternally. Now, years later, my aunt decided that she could treat my hair by relaxing it … AGAIN! And now, my hair is all dry even though I spent most of my day moisturizing it giving it some TLC. I decided I had to get box braids because, not only I love the style because I couldn’t be having a huge ball of hair every time I TRY to detangle it. So, I got my box braids and now I can’t sleep with them and I wake up with this HUGE headache and I’m afraid of washing them because they could get all loose on the roots and nappy, idk. So.. any tips on how to maintain it at night?
Thank you in advance,
Nadia ❤

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