Any Transition Tips? Just stopped putting relaxer in my hair…

I just stop putting relaxer in my hair in april of last year. I wear it straight until my relaxer grows out. Eventually i want to rock my natural curl n curls period. Since the relaxed hair dosent curl right im addicted to straightening it. Any trasitional tips?

  1. Hey! I know transitioning (at least starting off) can be VERY frustrating! When I started, I flat ironed my hair every 2 weeks to blend the two textures. However, I did my homework and found out that I was damaging it; this can be observed by your hair breaking more than normal. When I transitioned (i did so for 2 years and 3 months), I wore A LOT of buns (they are in style now, so take advantage of that bandwagon!) and a lot of flexi rod sets, and roller sets...The flexi rod and roller sets are a way for you to safely style your hair, blend the two textures, and achieve a healthy medium!!!
  2. I transitioned from relaxer about 3 years ago and what I'd say is that it's very important that you keep your hair moisturised as your hair is more prone to breakage if dry. If you are going to continue straightening your hair cut it down to once or twice a month and wrap your hair every night to maintain the straight look. Also styles you could try to blend both textures is flat-twist outs, french braids, buns even though the curl definition might not be super tight it will create a nice wavy look. Hope this helps x

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Try blending your textures with curly styles instead. Braidouts…and bantu knots gave me the most definition on my permed hair as a transitioner. Avoid a lot of heat if your goal is to be curly. Heat can damage your hair and can cause it to not revert to its natural state. Use a holding puddy or natural gel with your style to avoid frizz. Good luck :)


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