Natural Hair Icon – Kelsey Caudle / @lifewithcoco2 (3B, 3C, 4A)

Kelsey Caudle

Name: Kelsey Caudle Instagram: @lifewithcoco2 Twitter: @lifewithcoco2 YouTube: LifeWithCoco2 Tell us about yourself: Hey! My name is Kelsey Caudle. Im originally from the Bronx, New York but grew up in Atlanta. Im a senior in college studying Sociology but pursuing an entrepreneur career. I love the arts, helping others, and spreading love and positivity. About […]

Natural Hair Icon – Hennalice / @h7_nnlc (3B / 3C)

Hennalice / @h7_nnlc

Name: Hennalice Instagram: @h7_nnlc Tell us about yourself: My name is Hennalice Silva and I’m Cape Verdean (West Africa) but I was born and raised in The Netherlands . I’m 27 years old graduated bachelor of law. I love to travel and see different people and other cultures. Also I love to do things that […]