Big Chop vs Transitioning: Which One’s Right for You?

Big Chop vs Transitioning

I can officially write a post like this with an unbiased opinion, I transitioned for a year and 3 months and I have just big chopped! Yaay! Deciding to start a natural hair journey can be scary- really scary. You know that embarking on a hair journey will mean cutting off relaxed or damaged ends, […]

4 Tips for Surviving Your First Year Natural

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Some naturals find it very difficult to make it to there one year napaversary.  Here a few tips that can help you regain your composure and keep growing natural. Love it and it will grow Your hair, is yours. Love it. Take care of it. Find time to deep condition it, moisturize it and seal […]

Is Long Term Transitioning for You?

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Every hair journey is a commitment. Whatever your hair goals are, they play a part in what kind of hair journey you choose to embark on. When I made the decision to return back to my natural hair from a relaxer, I had two options: big chop or transition. Transitioning means growing out your natural […]

How to Transition to Natural Hair 101


From our friends at What is Transitioning? In the natural hair community, there are two streams of thought when it comes to “going natural” – the big chop, and transitioning. I’m sure you already know about the big chop, which involves lopping off all of your hair into a short cut and growing it out. […]

7 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

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by Tiffany Nicole of Many women struggle with the decision to take the leap into returning to natural hair. Lots of us have never really seen our natural hair because we were introduced to relaxers at a very young age. Within the last few years, I’ve seen many women that are coming together and embracing […]